The Ultimate Course Content Creation Workflow

The Ultimate Course Content Creation Workflow

High-quality and well-structured content is critical in helping your students successfully reach their desired learning outcomes. This course will help you plan and create engaging and diverse content that will ensure clarity, effective pacing, and student progress.

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Course Summary

The Ultimate Course Content Creation Workflow is all about setting yourself up for success! Once your online course topic is established and validated, it's time to begin planning what you'll teach and how you'll teach it. This course lays the foundation for an effective and efficient course creation process.

While we won't actually be producing our lessons within this course, the work we do now will save us a massive amount of time when we do begin the production phase of our course buildout.

This course is absolutely packed with actionable steps to move your course creation process forward quickly, so be ready to get down to work and make some major progress toward the launch of your course! It includes covering topics and processes such as:

  • Effective free tools we can use to organize our course outlines, conduct research for our lesson content, and create wireframes to fill out our lessons' learning topics
  • How to create a great course outline as your "road map" for your lesson creation process which helps your students stay engaged and reach their desired learning outcomes
  • Where to go to conduct research to fill your course lessons with engaging content, accurate details, helpful background information, and real-world scenarios
  • An introduction to all of the content types you'll have available to deliver your course content and how to best select the most effective instructional medium for your topic
  • Our 7 favorite content creation tips to help you create lessons which keep your students entertained and engaged all while minimizing the need to update and maintain your course content in the future
  • How to create templates for all of your course material including logos, video intros/outros, presentation slides, font families, written materials, and more
  • Our Content Creation Hacks series which will help you find inexpensive ways to outsource various parts of the content creation process or use pre-built content elements to save time

Course Outline

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    Lesson 1: Introduction

    In this video, we introduce the topics that we’ll be covering within this course.

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    Lessons 2-5: How to Create a Winning Course Outline

    In these lessons we take a major step in the course creation process…we’re going to create the first draft of our course outline! This is an exciting step as, when we’re finished, we’ll be able to “see” our course for the first time. A solid course outline leads to effective learning outcomes for your students and it serves as your "roadmap" throughout the course creation process, ensuring that you build your course efficiently.

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    Lessons 6-8: An Introduction to Video, Audio, and Written Course Materials

    Before we dive into creating our course content, we’re going to spend the next few lessons covering the most common forms of online course content, how they can be used to enhance the learning experience, and when you should use them.

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    Lesson 9: How to "Wireframe" Your Course Lessons and Save MASSIVE Time

    Now that we know the types of content we have available to us to most effectively deliver our individual course lessons, we’re going to go through the process of outlining the content we’ll need to create for each lesson to help our students reach their learning goals. We’ll be using a process we call “wireframing” our lessons and it will help you create your course as quickly as possible.

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    Lessons 10-16: Our Top 7 Course Content Creation Secrets

    In these lessons, we begin covering a series of helpful content creation tips which we have found lead to more satisfied students and better learning outcomes for online courses. These tips won’t require any action steps on your part, but they’re critical concepts for us to share with you before you begin creating your course content.

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    Lesson 17: An Overview of the Content Creation Process

    In this lesson’s video, we briefly discuss what we’ll be covering for the remainder of the content creation module.

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    Lessons 18-20: Strategies and Sources for Content Research

    If we want to create effective and entertaining course content that keeps our students motivated and engaged, we can't just recite everything we know while sharing boring presentation slides. We need to spice up our learning experience with background details, facts, figures, stories, and real-world scenarios! In these lessons, we discuss effective strategies for conducting and cataloging your research and where to carry it out.

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    Lesson 21: How to Brand Your Course

    In this lesson, we begin working on some really fun stuff…we begin creating branded visual assets for our course! This includes digging into the fine details of things like creating a logo, how to select a proper font family for your course, why color selection matters throughout your course materials, and much more.

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    Lesson 22: Creating Slide Decks That Won't Put Your Students to Sleep

    We begin taking a look at how to create the presentation slide templates which we’ll use to produce content for our course. We’ll want to have these prepared when we begin production, so we cover the functionality and strategies which will help us produce effective slide templates for creating our presentations. The types of slide templates you should create will depend on your unique teaching style and the content of your course, so in this lesson we also discuss our recommended slide templates you should begin with.

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    Lesson 23: Enhance Your Learning Experience with Downloadable Resources

    In this lesson, we cover several ways to easily create downloadable supplemental resources which can add value to your course and help your students retain key learning concepts.

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    Lesson 24: The Easy Way to Create Professional Intro and Outro Videos

    Intro and outro videos are simple videos of a few seconds which can be used to soften the beginning and end of your instructional videos. They bring added professionalism and consistency to your course lessons and give your viewers a few moments of transition instead of abruptly starting and stopping lessons.

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    Lessons 25-26: How to Illustrate Your Course Like a Pro

    Let's face it...sometimes you simply have to use presentation slides within course lessons to cover learning concepts effectively. But that doesn't mean they can be interesting and fun! In these videos, we cover several sources for finding stock photos and illustrations and how to use them to breathe some life into your course. We'll also show you how to brand your supplemental resources with professional looking covers to add perceived value when your students access them.

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    Lesson 27: Using Scripts for High-Efficiency Course Creation

    Some topics are more detailed and require more discussion and more planning than just winging it during an audio or video recording. Furthermore, not all of us are natural presenters. We've developed some helpful workflow techniques for creating and implementing scripts during the course creation process and in this lessons we'll share those with you.

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    Lesson 28: How to Find a Course Creation Workflow That Works for YOU

    When it comes to preparing the content that you’ll be using to prepare your lessons, you need to find a balance between maintaining your creativity and enthusiasm for the course creation process and being efficient in terms of production. In this lesson’s video, we discuss some ways to chunk up or break up your content creation and lesson production into batches of lessons that will keep you both motivated and efficient.

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    Lessons 29-32: Inexpensive Content Creation Hacks to Build Your Course Fast

    In these lessons, we cover four resources you can use to have some of the hard work of course content creation taken care of for you, allowing you to get your course to market as quickly as possible.

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    Lesson 33: Course Wrap-Up

    By taking some time to prepare an effective and efficient course production process before beginning it, you’re ensuring that your course gets done right and in as little time as possible. Now that you have all of your course assets prepared, it’s time to begin producing your course!

The Risk of Not Knowing

This is one of the most jam-packed courses we've ever created around how to build effective online courses. It could easily be broken into three to four "mini-courses". However, we felt that packaging these lessons together and having you work through them all at once would save you as much time as possible during the course content production process and really help you hit the ground running.

And that really is the value that this course delivers. You could choose to skip this process of planning, researching, organization, and structuring your entire course and you could just wing it. For each lesson, you could...

  • Think of something to talk about
  • Find a few interesting (and hopefully accurate) details
  • Figure out how you're going to teach it
  • Come up with some slides and images
  • Doctor up a video with some visuals and a little music ("Oh, do they even do those animated logo video thingys with the catchy music? We'll need to research that.")
  • Decide on a format for written materials and type those up
  • Determine how you want to lay all of this out within a course lesson

...and then when it's time for lesson number two, you do it all over again. And again. 20, 30, 50, or even 100 times.

Taking this route will easily triple the amount of time it takes you to create your course. We've seen it happen...

So let's take some time now to invest in the success of our course and the success of our future students!

Bonus Resources

In addition to the 33 video lessons included with this course, you'll also have free access to the following bonus resources:

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9 PDF Action Guides

This course includes 9 downloadable PDF action guides covering key learning concepts and checklists to guide you through required action steps.


Bonus Video: Course Intro

In this free bonus video, you'll meet your instructors to find out more about who's behind Simple Course Creation.


Bonus Video: Lesson Types & Pace

This bonus video lesson discusses the types of lessons you'll encounter within Simple Course Creation as well as the framework we used for segmenting content.


Bonus Video: Discovering Your "Why"

Creating a course requires a lot of time and energy. In this video, we help you discover your primary goal for creating your course to stay motivated along the way.


Bonus Video: Using Action Guides

Our detailed action guides help you retain key learning concepts and provide actionable checklists to help you make effective and efficient progress.


Bonus Video: Using Bonus Resources

This video discusses some of the types of supplemental resources we've included within our courses and how they can be used for additional study.


Bonus Video: Effective Time Management

Before you can sell your course, it needs to be finished. This video will help you find opportunities to create productive windows to work on your course.


Bonus Video: The Tomato Timer

This time management technique is one we've used many times to make our creative efforts as productive as possible.

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