Complete Video Production Series for Online Courses

The Complete Video Production Series for Online Courses

Video is the perfect medium for online courses. It's engaging, portable, and effective. This in-depth series will walk you through our video creation workflow from start to finish for high-quality, entertaining course content that your students will love.

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Course Summary

This course is the exact, step-by-step process that we use to create every video lesson for our courses from start to finish. And it will save you a massive amount of time, trial and error, and money by showing you what tools you need to create high-quality video with affordable equipment and how to use your equipment and software effectively and efficiently.

Video production is arguably the most technically demanding aspect of the course creation process, so we've distilled this course down to essential "need to know" information related to equipment, software, shooting, and editing so that you don't get overwhelmed. If you're serious about creating an online course and have made it this far, you have all of the skills you'll need to produce great video content for your need to fret about not being tech-savvy enough. We'll walk you through everything you need to know, step-by-step. Topics included in this course cover:

  • The 3 primary video styles for online courses and the types of content they're best suited to
  • Essential recording equipment such as cameras, microphones, and lighting
  • An introduction to our favorite software for video and audio recording and editing
  • How to properly record each of the 3 primary video styles
  • An efficient workflow for editing and creating final cuts to produce high-quality course videos
  • How to spice up video lessons with easy-to-create and interesting intro and outro clips
  • How to manage your video media once its finalized

This course includes everything you'll need to know to build a winning course around video content that will keep your students engaged, entertained, and working toward their desired learning outcomes even if you've never produced a single online video.

Course Outline

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    Lesson 1: Introduction

    In this video, we introduce the topics that we’ll be covering within this course.

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    Lesson 2: Essential Video Equipment to Fit Your Budget

    In this lesson, we discuss the equipment necessary to produce talking head and portrait-style videos and we take a look at options for a range of budgets. We also briefly cover how to stage your equipment within a room.

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    Lesson 3: Essential Equipment for High-Quality Audio

    In this video, we discuss options for equipment to record audio for your course which will help produce high-quality recordings for screencasts, portrait-style videos, talking head videos, and even podcasts and interviews which may become part of your promotional strategy later on.

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    Lesson 4: How to Choose the Right Video Production Software

    Our video editing software is crucial for a couple of reasons. First, it’s going to be the tool we use to create and publish our final product which will be presented to our customer, our instructional content. Also, no matter what video and audio recording equipment suits your budget and skill level, your video and audio editing software can almost always turn a bad recording into an acceptable finished product. In this video, we’re going to take a look at four separate options for video software that you can consider using.

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    Lessons 5-6: Getting Started with Screencasting

    In this lesson, we dive head first into creating screencasts for course content. We discuss how to create video recordings of our computer screen or external monitor, mobile devices which may be connected to our computer via USB port, video from a built-in camera on our computer or an external webcam, audio from a built-in computer microphone or external microphone, and even our computer’s system audio to capture sounds we’re playing on it.

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    Lessons 7-15: Video and Audio Editing Masterclass

    In this series of lessons, we illustrate how to perform various video and audio editing tasks which will be essential for creating your course lessons. We'll cover how to work with video clips and timelines, how to clean up your audio files, how to add annotations or text to your video, how to export video content, and much more.

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    Lesson 16: Adding Branded Intro and Outro Animations to Your Videos

    Intro and outro videos are simple videos of a few seconds which can be used to soften the beginning and end of your instructional videos. They bring added professionalism and consistency to your course lessons and give your viewers a few moments of transition instead of abruptly starting and stopping lessons.

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    Lessons 17-18: Producing and Editing Portrait-Style Videos

    In these lessons, we’ll begin to take a look at how to set up, shoot, and edit a portrait-style video. Portrait-style videos offer a great way to add some variety to the type of video you deliver throughout your course and they can be a great way to bring a personal touch as well.

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    Lessons 19-20: Producing and Editing Talking Head Videos

    In these lessons, we discuss the equipment, setup, and editing for talking head videos which can be used in conjunction with screencasts or added to presentation slides.

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    Lesson 21-22: Choosing a Video Hosting Platform for Your Course

    If you’re planning to host your own course to maximize control over your course content and your profits from it, you will need to find suitable hosting for your course videos and in these lesson we spend the majority of our time discussing our top three recommended video hosting solutions and then how to get those videos into your course lessons.

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    Lesson 23: Video Production Tips We Had to Learn the Hard Way

    This lesson is jam-packed with some of the best advice we could come up with to help ensure that you're producing high-quality course video as efficiently as possible. We cover a range of topics and tips that we wish we'd have known when we created our first video course in 2010.

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    Lesson 24: Outsourcing Video Production Tasks to Build Your Course Faster

    In this video, we discuss outsourcing certain aspects of your course video creation to help speed up the production of your course, include a bit of a professional touch to your content, simply take over some of the work you’d rather not spend your time on, or perhaps all three.

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    Lesson 25: Course Wrap-Up

    As you begin creating video, we have a few things we want you to keep in mind and we discuss those in the final lesson of this course.

The Risk of Not Knowing

Each year, we conduct a survey of our WP Courseware (our WordPress course builder plugin) users and ask them a few short questions about how they're using the plugin, what they like about it, and what they would like to see added or what they have struggled with. One of those questions asks, "What is your primary medium for delivering your course content?"

Care to take a guess at how many of the respondents answered "video"? We weren't surprised to find out that it was listed for 92% of the surveys we received.

As we've mentioned, it makes sense. Video is the perfect medium for online instructional content. It accommodates students who fall into nearly any of the seven major preferred learning styles all while being accessible from nearly anywhere and on almost any device with an internet connection.

But we also ask another interesting question in that survey..."What did you find to be the most difficult part of the course creation process?" Care to know what the vast majority of those survey respondents came back with?

Producing high-quality videos!

The Complete Video Production Series for Online Courses is designed to address that and can help you confidently produce outstanding videos for your online course even if you have no prior video production experience. When we created our first online course back in 2010, we spent a massive amount of time and not an insignificant amount of hard-earned money trying different hardware, software, recording techniques, editing tricks, lighting hacks, storage options, and more.

We created this course so that you don't have to do the same and can dive right into creating great course lesson videos that your students will enjoy watching and learning from. It's the exact process we use every time we sit down to record any video content for any of our courses and it will dramatically lessen your learning curve when it comes to building your online course with video.

Bonus Resources

In addition to the 25 video lessons included with this course, you'll also have free access to the following bonus resources:

Introduction to WordPress DVD Stack 140px

Introduction to WordPress Course

This is an introduction to managing a WordPress website for beginners. Learn everything from installing themes and plugins to adding pages and posts.

Course Creation for Beginners DVD Stack 140px

Course Creation for Beginners Course

The Simple Course Creation for Beginners course is an introductory step-by-step walk-through of the entire course creation process to help you off to a great start with your course.

Online Store with WooCommerce DVD Stack 140px

Build an Online Store with WooCommerce Course

This online course includes everything you need to get your online store up and running on your WordPress site using WooCommerce to manage the store.

Beaver Builder DVD Stack 794x1145

Building a WordPress Site with Beaver Builder

This course will give you a great foundation for building your WordPress website with the powerful, flexible page builder, Beaver Builder.


Bonus Video: Lesson Types & Pace

This bonus video lesson discusses the types of lessons you'll encounter within Simple Course Creation as well as the framework we used for segmenting content.


Bonus Video: Discovering Your "Why"

Creating a course requires a lot of time and energy. In this video, we help you discover your primary goal for creating your course to stay motivated along the way.


Bonus Video: Using Action Guides

Our detailed action guides help you retain key learning concepts and provide actionable checklists to help you make effective and efficient progress.


Bonus Video: Using Bonus Resources

This video discusses some of the types of supplemental resources we've included within our courses and how they can be used for additional study.


Bonus Video: Effective Time Management

Before you can sell your course, it needs to be finished. This video will help you find opportunities to create productive windows to work on your course.


Bonus Video: The Tomato Timer

This time management technique is one we've used many times to make our creative efforts as productive as possible.


Bonus Video: Course Intro

In this free bonus video, you'll meet your instructors to find out more about who's behind Simple Course Creation.

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