How to Discover Profitable Course Topics

How to Discover Profitable Course Topics

The most common mistake for new online course creators is trying to offer something for everyone instead of a unique, focused offering. This course is designed to help you deeply explore your niche to dig up profitable ideas with low competition and high profitability.

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Course Summary

In a nutshell, this course is designed to help you find a specific entry point into your course topic which focuses on an underserved segment of your broader niche. In many categories of online education topics, there are dozens if not hundreds of online courses competing for the attention of potential customers. As a course creator, increased competition means a smaller piece of the pie for you in terms of profits, massive marketing efforts to stay in front of potential customers, and offering lower price points to undercut other courses.

Needless to say, none of this increases our odds of creating a course which generates consistent passive income over the long run. The How to Discover Profitable Course Topics course will help you find a laser-focused topic within your niche that you can confidently build a course around. This will be a topic which solves a burning pain point in your interest or industry and which potential customers urgently want to solve.

In the course, we’ll be focusing on topics such as…

  • The 5 elements of all successful courses and why they’re critical for a course that will sell
  • Our “5 and 4” method for determining areas where you can drill down within your niche to eliminate competition
  • Two key questions you need to ask yourself about your course topic if you want it to succeed
  • What people are interested in learning within your niche through the use of free tools
  • What people are already paying to learn within your niche and what kinds of resources they’re using
  • How to analyze a list of potential course topics to find the most viable entry point

Course Outline

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    Lesson 1: Introduction

    In this video, we introduce the topics that we’ll be covering within this course.

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    Lessons 2-6: The 5 Components Your Course MUST Have to Succeed

    As we’ve worked closely with many, many online course creators over the last few years, we’ve identified five key characteristics which successful courses have in common. In these five lessons, we’ll discuss those in detail so that you can keep them in mind while evaluating your potential course topics.

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    Lesson 7: Introduction to the 5 & 4 Method for Topic Discovery

    In this lesson, we enter the first phase of our topic discovery process. We introduce a course topic exploration method we’ve been using for several years.

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    Lessons 8 & 9: The 2 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Create a Course

    The first couple of evaluations we’ll be doing will require you to take a look at your list and provide an honest assessment based on what you know about yourself…not what’s going on out in those markets.

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    Lesson 10: Refocusing Our List of Potential Topics

    Now that we’ve done the work of taking a look at potential course topics and evaluating them, we can whittle down our list based on that work and then move forward with more objective analytical processes.

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    Lessons 11-16: Will People Pay to Learn This?

    In the first phase of topic discovery, we’ll be taking a look around online to see if people are selling and purchasing information related to our topics. 

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    Lessons 17-22: What EXACTLY Do People Want to Learn About in Your Niche?

    In this lesson, we move into Phase 2 of our topic discovery process where we’ll further clarify our understanding of our topics as potential business ideas by listening in and finding out exactly what our prospective customers want to learn.

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    Lesson 23: Course Wrap-Up and Decision Time!

    In the final lesson on the course, we take the last step of the course topic discovery journey by asking a series of questions related to each potential topic that we've found.

The Risk of Not Knowing

Niching down your course topic to find a specialized and focused topical area which allows you to cater to an underserved slice of your market is critical to the financial success of your course.

We've seen first-hand what happens to courses which try to offer something for everyone spread across dozens of topics within a niche. And we actually faced that same issue with the very first online course we created back in 2010. With a broad focus, you're going to face more competition, making it more challenging to market your course, and your course will have to sell at a lower price point as you attempt to gain business from other course creators.

Following the steps outlined within this course, you'll be able to drill down within your niche using our "5 & 4" method to find an entry point into your space where you can control your very own share of the market. This will lead to more focused content which makes learning outcomes more realistic for your students, a course which is completed in less time, and more money in your bank account as you eliminate the need for large marketing costs and face little or no competition.

Bonus Resources

In addition to the 23 video lessons included with this course, you'll also have free access to the following bonus resources:

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17 PDF Action Guides

This course includes 17 downloadable PDF action guides covering key learning concepts and checklists to guide you through required action steps.


2 Spreadsheets

This course includes spreadsheets available for both Microsoft Excel and iWork Numbers to help you track important research details throughout the course.


Bonus Video: Discovering Your "Why"

Creating a course requires a lot of time and energy. In this video, we help you discover your primary goal for creating your course to stay motivated along the way.


Bonus Video: Using Action Guides

Our detailed action guides help you retain key learning concepts and provide actionable checklists to help you make effective and efficient progress.


Bonus Video: Using Bonus Resources

This video discusses some of the types of supplemental resources we've included within our courses and how they can be used for additional study.


Bonus Video: Effective Time Management

Before you can sell your course, it needs to be finished. This video will help you find opportunities to create productive windows to work on your course.


Bonus Video: Course Intro

In this free bonus video, you'll meet your instructors to find out more about who's behind Simple Course Creation.


Bonus Video: The Tomato Timer

This time management technique is one we've used many times to make our creative efforts as productive as possible.


Bonus Video: Lesson Types & Pace

This bonus video lesson discusses the types of lessons you'll encounter within Simple Course Creation as well as the framework we used for segmenting content.

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